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putting the control in a panel (Stack,dock etc)

Jun 21, 2010 at 1:17 PM
Ok, first off, Thriple is the best control ever. If the thriple control is the only object in a grid, window, tab control; then it works fine. If it place it in a dock panel or stack panel (stack is where I want to put it) then nothing shows up. It's like there's no content in the I'm pretty sure I'm not understanding some concept here. eg the following code does not appear if placed in a stack panel. <thriple:ContentControl3D x:Name="t3D_Panel" > <thriple:ContentControl3D.Content> <StackPanel x:Name="spContent"> <TextBlock Text="Hello World"/> </StackPanel> </thriple:ContentControl3D.Content> </thriple:ContentControl3D> Thanks again for the control. Very, very cool! :D