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Make IsFrontInView read-write


Hi, First off.. great project!, i love the ContentControl3d and am planning to use it extensivly in my app i'm working on at the moment. However i have one thing i can't figure out how to accomplish. I wan't a few of these controls to bind to a property on my viewmodel. For example. i have a property isDetailed on my viewmodel. I want the user to be able to select a detailed or a picture view for a given object (let's say a customer). Whenever a user selects the option 'detailed view' i want a couple of controls to automatically flip to the detailed side of the control. Without the user actually clicking the control. My question is how can i tie this together to my viewmodel. I was thinking of binding it to the IsFrontInView property but it's a readonly property. What is the easiest/best way to achieve this behavior ?
Thanks in any case for this great control, i'm just a hobbyist (yes they exist :D) and your articles, and in this case controls, are a great learning tool for me, keep it up !!, Jape
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Hi Josh,

One more addidtion to my original question. Currently i have made a simple custom image control style wich holds country flags in my UI. It contains a MouseOver trigger that will fade the flag out and a text label with the country name into view. Ideally i would like to have a similar simple style for your ContentControl3D, i'm far from an WPF expert but i'm pretty sure at the moment with your current solution i cannot accomplish that in a style or template. I probably can work around it by deriving my own control with some added logic for triggering the RotateCommand but that would be a little overkill and would clutter my XAML more then i'd like too. However, i might just be overlooking another solution to this problem as WPF has so many ways to get from A to B. Any input to this problem would much appreciated !

Thanks, Jape

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